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ALL checks MUST be made payable to Ashley Morton
and mailed to 103 Dreamcatcher lane powell tn 37849

MONDAY- FRIDAY SHIP DAILY orders Received AND PAID FOR by 10:00am est
redplum 6-26

all/snuggle $2/2 products ets (exp 8/7)
aquafresh $.75 off toothpaste 5.6oz+ (exp 7/26)
azo $2 off urinary tract defense (exp 9/30)
brawny $.25 off paper towel 6pk+ (exp 7/26)
breathe right $2 off nasal strips (exp 7/30)
degree women $1.50 off motionsense, dry spray antiperspirant, clinical protection or ultra clear product ets (exp 7/24)
eckrich $1/2 rope or links smoked sausage 10-14oz packages (exp 7/24)
imodium/pepcid/lactaid/tucks $1 off product ets (exp 8/26)
imodium/pepcid/lactaid/tucks $3/2 products ets (exp 8/26)
mylanta $1 off antacid or gas mini-tablets ets (exp 10/30)
quilted northern $.55 off ultra soft & strong bath tissue 4+ double rolls (exp 7/26)
right guard $2/2 body wash products (exp 7/26)
right guard $2/2 xtreme antiperspirant deodorant products excluding sport (exp 7/26)
wisk $2 off item ets (exp 8/7)
zing $1.50 off stevia sweetener (exp 8/31)
jimmy dean $.55 on 1 breakfast product excludes single service sandwiches exp 7-24 dnd dnt
jimmy dean $.75 on 1 jimmy dean breakfast product excludes single serve sandwiches exp 7-24 dnd dnt
caltrate $4.00 on any 1 calcium & vitamin d3 product exp 7-11
centrum $4.00 on any 1 vitamints 60ct or larger exp 7-4
centum $4.00 on centum or centum silver multivitamin 60ct or larger exp 7-4 excludes centum multigummies and centrum vitamints
centrum $4.00 on multigummies 70ct or larger exp 7-4
land o lakes $.35 on 1 package any variety exp9-26

smartsource 6-26
bc $1.00 on 1 18ct or larger exp 8-26
farmrich $1.25 on 1 smokehouse bbq 16oz or larger exp 10-31
lea & perrins $.75 on 1 10oz or larger exp 8-7 dnd
a.1. sauce $.75 on 1 10oz or larger exp 8-7 dnd
colgate $.50 off toothpaste 3oz+ ets (exp 7/9)
country time/tang $.50 on 1 drink mixes (exp 8/6)
crystal light $.50 on 1 liquid or powder drink mixes (exp 8/6)
easy-off $.75 off product (exp 8/31)
energizer $.75 off batteries or flashlight (exp 7/30)
energizer $1.50 off ez turn & lock hearing aid batteries (exp 7/30)
ensure $2 off enlive multipack (exp 8/21)
ensure $2/2 multipacks (exp 8/21)
glucerna $3.00 on 2 multipacks exp 8-21
goody's $1.00 any flavor powder 24ct exp exp 8-26
goody's $2.00 on any product excludes 2ct,4ct and 6ct powder exp7-10
glass plus $.35 off product (exp 8/31)
heinz $.50 off yellow mustard (exp 7/24)
heinz $.75 off bbq sauce and 1 tomato ketchup (exp 7/24)
heinz $.75 off tomato ketchup and 1 yellow mustard (exp 7/24)
heinz $1/2 bbq sauces (exp 7/24)
hershey’s $1/2 milk chocolate 6pk (exp 8/21)
hershey’s $1/2 syrups 17oz+ or hershey’s, reese’s or heath ice cream toppings (exp 8/21)
honey maid $1/2 grahams 14oz+ (exp 8/6)
kool-aid $.50 on 1 liquid or powder drink mixes excluding envelopes (exp 8/6)
kraft $.20/2 jet-puffed marshmallows 8oz+ (exp 8/21)
land o’frost $.50 on 1 off premium, bistro favorites or canadian bacon (exp 7/23)
land o’frost $1 off sub sandwich kit (exp 7/23)
land o’frost $1/2 delisnackers (exp 7/23)
lime-a-way $.75 off product (exp 8/31)
mio $.50 on 1 liquid water enhancers 1.62oz (exp 8/6)
mop & glo $.50 off product (exp 8/31)
nabisco $.75/2 cookie or cracker products 3.5oz+ (exp 8/6)
nexium 24hr $7 off 42ct product (exp 7/3)
nexium 24hr $1 off product (exp 8/21)
opti-free $3.00 on 1 multi-purpose solution10oz or larger,rewetting drops 10ml,lubricant eye drops exp 7-3
opti-free $1.50 on 1 multi-purpose solution10oz or larger,rewetting drops 10ml,lubricant eye drops exp 8-7
clear care $3.00 on 1 plus, rinse & go solution 12oz or larger exp 7-3
clear care $3.00 on 1 plus, rinse & go solution 12oz or larger exp 8-7
old english $.75 off product (exp 8/31)
resolve $.75 off carpet pet stain remover or pet high traffic foam (exp 8/31)
resolve $.75 off stain carpet remover or high traffic foam product (exp 8/31)
resolve $2 off carpet cleaner machine solution 60oz product (exp 8/31)
revlon $1/2 haircolor products (exp 7/31)
revlon $2 off luxurious buttercream product (exp 7/31)
revlon $3.00 on 1 revlon nail enamel exp 7-10
rid-x $1 off product (exp 8/31)
schick $2 off quattro for women, intuition or hydro silk razor or refill excludes disposables (exp 7/17)
schick $3 off women’s disposables excludes 2 and 6ct (exp 7/17)
senokot $2 off regular, –s or xtra product (exp 8/31)
skintimate/edge/schick $1 off skintimate, edge or schick hydro shave gel excludes 2.75oz (exp 7/17)
summer’s eve $1.50/2 external products (exp 9/30)
summer’s eve $1 off external product (exp 9/30)
summer’s eve $2/3 external products (exp 9/30)
twizzlers/jolly rancher $1/2 bites or candy bags 10oz+ (exp 8/21)
ultimate flora $3 off probiotic fizzy drink mix or gummies (exp 8/13)
ultimate flora $5 off 30ct+ probiotic (exp 8/13)
wonderful $.50 off almonds 5oz+ (exp 8/26)
wonderful $.50 off pistachios 4.5oz+ (exp 8/26)
itch x $.45 on 1 anti-itch gel exp 10-31
kerasal $3.00 on 1 intensive foot repair exp 8-8
kerasal $4.00 on 1 fungal nail renewal exp 8-8
marie $.75 on any 1 dessert pie 26oz or larger exp 8-28
freestyle $5.00 on 1 precision neo meter exp 8-21 dnd
dole $.50 on any 2 canned fruit exp 8-31
haagen-dazs $1.00 on 14oz or larger,carton or 3-pack ice cream bars exp 8-31
heluva $.55 on any 1 dip 12oz or larger exp 9-26
fruit me up $1.00 on 1 4 pack of naturally better or boost exp 12-31
kraft sure-jell $1.00 on 2 certo or mcp products exp 8-12
texas pete $.55 on 1 12oz bottle of hot sauce exp 7-31


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