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Coupons and Forms


Only the Website is new --The Coupon Service is the Same Coupon Service you have known and come to love for the last 20 years.

If this is your first time to visit the new website, you will need to register your email address and enter a password (any password you want to use but you will have to use the same password each time you come to checkout). Also -- you may choose categories to search for the coupons you need, but whether you are using categories or just choose to view the entire list at one time -- it is much easier to navigate the website if you will click on the drop=down box and click on the listing to be shown by titles -- that way the coupons will be in alphabetical order.

A little about us:
We started our Coupon Service in the early 1990's as we were constantly searching for ways to save $'s at the SuperMarket -- And what better way is there to save than using COUPONS. Our coupons come from Suppliers across the United States. We love having coupons from all of the BIG CITIES so that we may provide our traders with a lot of the same coupons but different values. For instance, one city may have Juicy Juice coupons on ONE 75¢and another city may have the same Juicy Juice coupons but be $1 off of ONE and yet -- another city may have the same Juicy Juice coupon and it may be 50¢ off ONE. This makes it nice for traders who can double and triple different value coupons.

Handling Fees:
The coupons and forms that you see here in these pages come from all over the country. I pay a "finders fee" to the people who supply them, and charge a handling fee to people who need these items, so that I'm able to obtain more coupons and maintain a steady supply. I DO NOT SELL COUPONS OR FORMS! I charge a handling fee for collecting, clipping and mailing coupons to you.

You may choose to pay for your coupons and/or fund your account using Paypal; for those traders who prefer to mail payments, we accept Concealed cash, Checks, and or Money Orders. We accept all forms of paypal payments also. The total amount due for each order includes the actual handling fee for the coupons, the actual Postage charged by the Post Office and an administrative fee (processing orders, postal supplies and for website maintenance). These charges will be itemized on your invoice after your order is processed. We now accept credit card payments through paypal, but in the next few weeks will be accepting credit cards through the website.

Shipping & Minimum Orders:
Requested items from account holders with funds in their account (or those who send paypal payments with their orders) will be mailed within 24 - 48 hours of your request. We do not have a minimum order. I cannot process orders where only one of several different coupons is requested. This defeats the purpose of using a coupon service to your best advantage.

We do have lots of new and exciting things to add to the website!!!!! Thanks again to you -- all of our great traders --- who have allowed us to serve you and make it possible for you to be good stewards of your money at the SuperMarkets. is a coupon clipping service. I DO NOT SELL coupons. I find the coupons, clip them and send them to my traders for a small handling fee. I am NOT paid for the coupons -- I am paid for my time and for my expense in getting these coupons and making them available for my traders to save $s at the Super Markets. Just a reminder that most of the manufacturer's coupons have a statement that indicates if the coupons are transferred from one person to another, they are no longer valid coupons. This applies to anytime a coupon is given to another person, whether you are passing along coupons to your family or to a stranger in the SuperMarket

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