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Procter & Gamble 10/26 coming Friday evening
(all exp 11/30 unless stated, all excl trial size)
$1 off Always Discreet liner or pad
$2 off Always Discreet underwear
.50/1 Always pad or feminine wipes, excl Discreet
.50/1 Always pantiliners, 30 ct.+, excl Discreet
$1 off Always Radiant or Infinity pads
.25/1 Bounty, Charmin or Puffs item, excl single
.75/2 Bounty, Charmin or Puffs item, excl single
$1.50/3 Bounty, Charmin or Puffs item, excl single
.25/1 Cascade product
$2 off Clairol hair color, excl Age Defy
$5/2 Clairol hair color, excl Age Defy, Balsm, Textures & Tones (exp 11/9)
$3/2 CoverGirl eye items, excl accessories
$2.50/2 CoverGirl nail items, excl accessories
$1 off CoverGirl product, excl accessories
$7 off Crest select whitestrips (exp 11/9)
$1 off Crest rinse, 237 mL+
$3 off Crest Sensi-Stop, 6, 10 or 12 ct.
$1 off Crest toothpaste or liquid gel, excl Cavity, Baking Soda, Tartar Control
.50/1 Duracell Coppertop, Quantum, Ultra Photo Lithium or Specialty
$1.50 off Duracell rechargeable batteries, charger or hearing aid batteries
$2 off Febreze Noticeables warmer pk.
.50/1 Febreze product
$1.50/2 Febreze products
B1G1 Febreze Set & Refresh or 3.5 oz candle, max $3.99 (exp 11/9)
$1 off Fixodent adhesive, 1.4 oz+
$1 off Gillette deodorant twin pk. or Clinical
$3 off Gillette male razor, excl disposables
$1 off Gillette shave prep
$3 off Gillette Venus razor
.50/1 Luvs diapers
$1 off Meta health bar or fiber singles, capsules or wafers, excl health bar, 1 ct.
$1 off Metabiotic product, excl health bar, 1 ct.
$1 off Metamucil product, excl health bar, 1 ct.
.75/1 Olay body wash, bar soap 2 ct.+, in-shower lotion or hand & body lotion
$2/2 Olay body wash, bar soap 4 ct.+, in-shower lotion or hand & body lotion
$1 off Olay facial moisturizer or facial cleanser
$2 off Olay Regenerist or Total Effects facial moisturizer or facial hair removal
$1/2 Old Spice products
.50/1 Oral-B Glide floss, 35 m+ or Glide floss picks, 30 ct.+
.50/1 Oral-B Pulsar, 3D White, Pro-Health, Complete or Sensi-Soft or (2) Indicator or Cavity toothbrushes
$2 off Pampers diapers or pants AND wipes, 56 ct.+
$1 off Pampers Easy Ups training pants or underjams absorbent night wear
Free Pantene conditioner or styler wyb Pantene shampoo (exp 11/9)
$4 off Pantene Expert Collection item, $6.99+
$2 off Pantene styler or treatment
$6/2 Prilosec OTC, 42 ct. (exp 11/9)
$1 off Scope product, 250 mL+
$2 off Secret Clinical Strength, excl .5 oz
$1/2 Secret Outlast, Scent Expressions or Destinations deodorant, body sprays or twin pks., excl .5 oz
$2 off Swiffer WetJet starter kit
$1 off Tampax Pearl or Radiant tampon, 16 ct.+
.50/1 Tampax product
.50/1 Tide Boost, Tide To Go or Downy, excl Downy Single Rinse, Unstopables
$2 off Tide detergent, excl 10 oz, Simply Clean & Fresh, Pods
$3/2 Tide detergent, Boost, To Go, Downy or Bounce
$1 off Tide washing machine cleaner and Oxi
$1 off Vicks DayQuil or NyQuil Severe item
$1 off Vicks product, excl Vapodrops, ZzzQuil
$1 off Vicks ZzzQuil

Redplum 10/26
$2 off Aquaphor skin care, lip care or baby care, .35-14 oz (exp 11/23)
$1.50 off Eucerin hand or body lotion, excl trial size (exp 11/23)
$3/2 Loreal Advanced haircare shampoo, conditioner, treatment or Advanced hairstyle items, excl 1.7 oz (exp 11/22)
$1 off Loreal Elnett hairspray, 11 oz (exp 11/22)
$1 off Loreal eye product (exp 11/22)
$1 off Loreal eye shadow or liner (exp 11/22)
$3 off Loreal Preference Mousse Absolue haircolor (exp 11/22)
$2 off Maybelline shadow or liner (exp 11/22)
$10 off Nicorette gum, Nicoderm CQ, or Lozenge (exp 11/30)
$2 off Nivea face care item, or (2) shave gels or foams, .33-8.7 oz (exp 11/23)
$3/2 Nivea lip care items, .59 oz tin, .17 oz stick, or .3 oz tube (exp 11/9)
$2 off Nivea regular or men body lotion, 2.5-21oz (exp 11/23)
$3/2 Nivea reg or men body wash, shower gel or lathering body scrub (exp 11/9)
.50/1 Pure Silk shave cream, 8 oz (exp 12/6)
$1/2 Purina dog snacks, 5.5 oz + (exp 1/26/2015)
$2/2 Purina dog snacks, 18 oz + (exp 1/26/2015)
$1/24 Purina Fancy Feast 3 oz, or (1) 24-pk gourmet cat food (exp 1/26/2015)
$1/4 Purina Fancy Feast appetizers of cats trays, 2 oz (exp 1/26/2015)
$1/4 Purina Fancy Feast broths (exp 1/26/2015)
$1 off Purina Fancy Feast dry gourmet cat food, 3 lb. + bag (exp 1/26/2015)
.50/2 Purina Friskies or Shisker Lickin’s cat treats (exp 1/26/2015)
$2 off Purina One Smartblend dry dog food bag (exp 1/26/2015)
$1/2 Purina One Smartblend wet dog food cans (exp 1/26/2015)
$1.50 off Purina Tidy Cats lightweight cat litter (exp 1/27/2015)
$1/2 Renuzit Adjustables, 3-pk (Target coupon) (exp 11/25)
$1 off Rimmel face, lip or nail item (exp 12/31)
$1 off Rimmel lip item (exp 12/31)
.55/2 Silk Fruity and Creamy cups (exp 11/30)
$1 off Silk half gallon (exp 11/30)
$1 off SuperPretzel soft pretzel item (exp 12/6)
.50/1 Tide Boost duo pacs, detergent, or Downy Unstopables, Downy softener, Bounce Dryer Bar, or Bounce Sheets (Target coupon) (exp 11/26)
$1.50/2 Tide Boost duo pacs, detergent, or Downy Unstopables, Downy softener, Bounce Dryer Bar, or Bounce Sheets (Target coupon) (exp 11/26)
$3/3 Tide Boost duo pacs, detergent, or Downy Unstopables, Downy softener, Bounce Dryer Bar, or Bounce Sheets (Target coupon) (exp 11/26)
$1 off Tide Multi-purpose Oxi Stain Remover, To-Go Instant Stain Pen, or washing machine cleaner (Target coupon) (exp 11/26)

Smart Source 10/26
$2/2 Air Wick candles or wax melts (exp 11/23)
$1.50/2 Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra refills (exp 11/23)
$1 off Air Wick Scented Oil twin refill or (2) single refills (exp 11/23)
.50/1 Better Than Bouillon product (exp 12/31)
.75/3 Betty Crocker Helper or Ultimate Helper skillet dishes (exp 12/20)
.50/2 Betty Crocker potatoes, box or pouch, excl potato buds (exp 12/20)
$1 off Chock Full O’Nuts ground coffee (exp 12/15)
.50/1 Colgate kid’s toothbrush (exp 11/15)
.50/1 Colgate kid’s toothpaste, 4.6 oz + (exp 11/15)
.50/1 Colgate toothpaste, 3.4 oz + (exp 11/18)
$1 off Dole Garden Soup (exp 1/18/2015)
$1.50 off Farm Rich snack, 16 oz + (exp 12/15)
$1 off Finesse product (exp 12/7)
$1/3 General Mills Big G cereals (exp 12/6)
.50/2 General Mills Chex Mix regular, Muddy Buddies, Popped or Xtreme, Bugles, Gardetto’s or Green Giant Veggie Snacks (exp 12/20)
.50/1 Karoun Mediterranean regular or lite Labne (exp 1/31/2015)
$2 off Kauai coffee (exp 12/15)
$2 off Keri lotion (exp 1/31/2015)
$3 off Keri lotion (exp 11/8)
$1 off MJB coffee (exp 12/15)
.50/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars, Granola Thins, Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares or Breakfast Biscuits, or Fiber One Chewy Bars, 90 Calorie items, Protein Chewy Bars, Streusel Bars or meal bar (exp 12/20)
$3 off Philips Fiber Good Gummies (exp 11/9)
$4 off Philips probiotic supplement (exp 11/9)
.50/1 POM antioxidant super tea (exp 12/31)
.50/1 POM fresh pomegranite (exp 12/31)
.50/1 POM juice (exp 12/31)
.50/1 POM product (exp 12/31)
.50/1 POM product (exp 12/31)
$3 off Rachael Ray Nutish dry cat food, 3 lb.+ bag (exp 12/31)
B2G1 Rachael Ray wet cat food cup, up to $1.29 (exp 12/31)
$4 off Refresh Optive Advanced item (exp 11/30)
$3/2 Refresh products (exp 12/31)
$2 off Resolve Carpet cleaner machine solution (exp 12/7)
$1 off Resolve Deep Clean Powder item (exp 12/7)
.50/1 Resolve stain remover or High Traffic Foam item (exp 12/7)
.50/2 Scotch-Brite scrub sponges, scour pads, dishwands or refills (exp 11/30)
.50/1 Shore Lunch soup mix (exp 12/31)
$1 off Softsoap body wash, 12 oz + (exp 11/15)
.50/2 Southeastern Mills gravy mix items (exp 12/31)
$2 off Speed Stick Gear deodorant or spray, excl .5 oz and 1.8 oz (exp 11/15)
.50/1 Speed Stick lady deodorant, 2.3 oz + (exp 11/15)
.50/1 Speed Stick men’s deodorant, 2.7 oz + (exp 11/15)
$1/2 Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Kids bags, 6.5 oz + (exp 12/6)
$1 off Tabasco products (exp 12/7)
.75/1 Ziploc containers (Target coupon), 2 ct. + (exp 12/6)

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