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P&G 7-05-15 - All coupons exclude trial/travel sizes:
Align Product $3/1 (08/02/15)
Always Discreet Liner or Pad exc other Always products, 24-26ct liners, trial & travel sizes $3/1 (08/02/15)
Always Discreet Underwear exc other Always products, trial & travel sizes $3/1 (08/02/15)
Always Pad (includes Radiant and Infinity Pads) 12ct+ OR Always Pantiliners 30ct or higher exc Always Discreet $1/1 (08/02/15)
Always Radiant or Infinity Pads 12ct+ exc Always Discreet $2/1 (08/02/15)
Bounty Napkins $.25/1 (08/02/15)
Bounty Product exc single rolls and trial/travel size $.25/1 (08/02/15)
Charmin 12 double roll, 6 mega roll+ $1/2 (08/02/15)
Charmin Product or Puffs product exc Puffs to Go and trial/travel size $.25/1 (08/02/15)
Clairol Age Defy Hair Color $2/1 (08/02/15)
Clairol Hair Color exc Age Defy, Balsam, Textures & Tones and trial/travel sizes $5/2 (08/02/15)
Clairol Hair Color exc Age Defy/trial/travel $2/1 (08/02/15)
Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color $2/1 (08/02/15)

Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara product exc accessories and trial/travel size $3/1 (08/02/15)
Cover Girl lip products exc accessories and trial/travel size $4/2 (08/02/15)
Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation or Cover Girl + Olay Product exc accessories and trial/travel sizes $3/1 (08/02/15)

Crest 3D White Glamorous White 14ct, 1 Hour Express 4ct, Professional Effects 20ct, Professional Effects+1 Hour Express 22ct or Supreme Flexfit 14ct Whitestrips $5/1 (07/19/15)
Crest Rinses 237ml+ $.50/1 (08/02/15)
Crest Rinses 237ml+ $1.50/2 (08/02/15)
Crest Rinses 237ml+ $3/3 (08/02/15)
Crest Sensi Stop 6, 10 or 12 ct or one SensiCare Combo Pack by Crest & Oral B $3/1 (08/02/15)
Crest Toothpaste 3oz+ $3/3 (08/02/15)
Crest Toothpastes 3oz+ $.50/1 (08/02/15)
Crest Toothpastes 3oz+ $1.50/2 (08/02/15)
Dawn product any $.25/1 (08/02/15)
Downy Product any exc Downy Libre Enjuague, Downy Liquid 12 loads and trial/travel size $.50/1 (08/02/15)
Duracell Coppertop, Quantum, Ultra Photo Lithium, Specialty, Rechargeable, Charger or 6 pk+ Hearing Aid Batteries exc 1ct and trial/travel $.25/1 (08/02/15)
Febreze product any $1/1 (08/02/15)
Fixodent Adhesives 1.4oz+ $1/1 (08/02/15)
Gillette Antiperspirant/Deodorant 2.6oz+ exc clinical and trial/travel size $1/1 (07/19/15)
Gillette Clinical deodorant 1.6oz+ exc .5 oz and trial/travel $2/1 (07/19/15)
Gillette Male razor exc disposables $3/1 (08/02/15)
Gillette Satin Care shave gel 5.9oz+ $1/1 (08/02/15)
Head & Shoulders Product 380ml/12.8+ exc treatments/trial/travel $5/2 (07/19/15)
Herbal Essences Body Wash exc shampoo, conditioner, styling products and trial/travel size $1/1 (08/02/15)
Herbal Essenses Champoo, conditioner or styling products exc hair color, body wash and trial/travel size $3/2 (08/02/15)
Luvs Diapers one box $1/1 (08/02/15)
Luvs Diapers two bags $1/2 (08/02/15)
Meta Product exc Meta Health Bar 1ct size $1/1 (08/02/15)
Mr Clean Liquid, Spray or Liquid Muscle $.75/1 (08/02/15)
Mr Clean Magic Eraser exc 1ct eraser and trial/travel size $.50/1 (08/02/15)
Olay Body Wash or Bar soap 4ct+ OR In Shower Body Lotion OR Hand and Body Lotion exc 1 bar packs and trial/travel size $1/1 (08/02/15)
Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser exc Olay Pro X, Regenerist, Total Effects, Age Defying and trial/travel size $1/1 (08/02/15)
Olay Facial Moisturizers or Facial Cleansers exc Olay Pro X, Regenerist, Total Effects, Age Defying and trial/travel size $3/2 (08/02/15)
Olay Pro X or Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer or Olay Facial Hair Removal $3/1 (08/02/15)
Olay Total Effects or Age Defying Facial Moisturizer $2/1 (08/02/15)
Old Spice Antiperspirant, Deodorant 2.6oz+ exc clinical and trial/travel size $1/1 (07/19/15)
Old Spice Body Wash or Bar Soap $1/1 (07/19/15)
Oral B Glide Flosses 35m+ or Floss Picks 30ct+ $.50/1 (08/02/15)
Oral B Glide Flosses 35m+ or Floss Picks 30ct+ $1.50/2 (08/02/15)
Oral B Glide Flosses 35m+ or Floss Picks 30ct+ $3/3 (08/02/15)
Oral B Pulsar Toothbrush, 3D White, Indicator, Cavity Defense, Pro Health, Complete, Sensisoft Toothbrush $.50/1 (08/02/15)
Pampers Diapers or pants one box $3/1 (08/02/15)
Pampers diapers or pants two bags $3/2 (08/02/15)
Pampers Splashers Swim Pants $2/1 (08/02/15)
Pampers Wipes 56ct+ $.50/1 (08/02/15)
Pantene Expert Collection Product $1/1 (08/02/15)
Pantene Products $3/2 (08/02/15)
Pantene products exc 6.7 oz. and trial/travel size $5/3 (08/02/15)
Pantene Styler or Treatment Product $1.50/1 (08/02/15)
Pepto Bismol Product $.50/1 (08/02/15)
Prilosec OTC $1/1 (08/02/15)
Puffs product or Charmin Product exc Puffs to Go and trial/travel size $.25/1 (08/02/15)
Scope 250ml+ $1/1 (08/02/15)
Secret Clinical Antiperspirant/Deodorant 1.6o.+ exc .5 oz and trial/travel $2/1 07/19/15
Secret deodorant 2.6oz+ exc clinical and trial/travel size $1/1 07/19/15
Swiffer Refill, Solution or Dust & Shine $.50/1 (08/02/15)
Swiffer Refills, Solutions or Dust & Shine $1.50/2 (08/02/15)
Swiffer Sweeper or duster Starter Kit $1.50/1 (08/02/15)
Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit $2/1 (08/02/15)
Tampax Pearl or Radiant Tampon 16ct+ $2/1 (08/02/15)
Tampax Product 16ct+ $1/1 (08/02/15)

Tide detergent exc Tide Detergent 10oz, Tide PODS, Tide Simply Clean & Fresh, Tide Simply Clean & Sensitive and trial/travel size $1/1 (08/02/15)
Tide Detergents or Downy products exc Tide Detergent 10oz, Downy Libre Enjuague, Downy Liquid 12 loads, Tide Simply clean & Fresh, Tide Simply clean & Sensitive, Tide Pods and trial/travel size $3/3 (08/02/15)

Tide Oxi Multi Purpose Stain Remover, Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, Gain Washing Machine Cleaner OR Tide Boost 18-37ct exc Tide Detergent, Tide Pods and trial/travel size $1/1 (08/02/15)
Venus Razor exc disposables $3/1 (08/02/15)
Venus Shave Gel 5.9oz+ $1/1 (08/02/15)
Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Hair Color exc VS Salonist Hair Color, Shampoo, Conditioner, Styler and trial/travel sizes $2/1 (08/02/15)
Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Color exc Pro Series Hair Color/Shampoo/Conditioner/Styler/trial/travel $3/1 (08/02/15)

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