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Red Plum

azteca .25 on 1 refrigerated tortilla or salad shell 2/28/16
aussie $2/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (exp 2/13)
ball park $1 on any 1 package of ball park flame grilled patties 3/13/16
ball park .55 on any 1 hot dog product3/13/16
duracell $.50 off rechargeable batteries, charger or hearing aid batteries 6pk+ excludes 1ct and trial (exp 2/27)
duracell $1 off coppertop aa/aaa 8pk, c4, d4 or 9v2+ or larger, quantum aa, aaa 6pk, c3, d3, 9v2 or larger ets (exp 2/27)
egglands best $.50 off eggs (exp 4/30)
egglands best $.75 off cage free eggs (exp 4/30)
finishing touch $1.50 off lumina or elite personal hair remover (exp 2/28)
herbal essences $3/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (exp 2/13)
hillshire .55 on any 1 litl smokies cocktail links or smoked dinner sausage 3/13/16
microtouch $2 off tough blade razor with cartridges (exp 2/28)
noxzema $2 off 5 or 4 blade, triple blade 4, 8 or 10ct or twin blade 12ct (exp 2/28)
poligrip $1 off any 1 super poligrip produst 2 oz or larger
state fair .55 on 1 corn dog product3/13/16
super poligrip $1 off product 2oz+ (exp 3/2)
wright $1 off any 1 package of wrights brand bacon 3/13/16
axe $1 off hair care product ets (exp 2/28)
axe $1 off shower gel 16oz or detailer ets (exp 2/28)
axe $2 off deodorant stick, antiperspirant or daily fragrance product ets (exp 2/28)
caress .50 off bar 6pk+ or body wash 12oz+ ets (exp 2/28)
copper fit $1.50 off knee or elbow sleeve, back pro or socks (exp 2/28)
country crock $.70 off spread (exp 2/28)
degree men $1.50 off dry spray antiperspirant, motionsense or extra fresh deodorant product ets (exp 2/27)
degree women $1.50 off dry spray antiperspirant, motionsense or ultra clear antiperspirant product ets (exp 2/27)
dove $1 off beauty bar 4pk+ ets & m+c (exp 2/27)
dove $1 off body wash 22oz+ ets & m+c (exp 2/27)
dove $3/2 hair products ets & m+c (exp 2/27)
dove men+care $1 off antiperspirant 2.7oz, deodorant 3oz or clinical protection antiperspirant 1.7oz ets (exp 2/28)
dove men+care $1 off body wash 13.5oz+ or active clean shower tool ets (exp 2/28)
dove men+care $2 off face care product ets (exp 2/28)
dove men+care $2 off hair care product or hair styling product ets (exp 2/28)
hellmans .50 on any 1 mayonnaise product 30 oz jar or 20 oz squeeze 2/28/16
lipton .60 on any 2 recipe secrets products 2/28/16
lipton $.75 off tea bags, k-cup, liquid or powdered iced tea mix product (exp 2/28)
simple/st. ives/pond’s/noxzema $3/2 face care products ets (exp 2/28)
suave $.75 off body wash 12oz+ excludes professionals and trial (exp 2/27)
suave professionals $2/2 shampoo or conditioner 28oz or treatment product ets (exp 2/27)
suave professionals $3/2 gold hair care products ets (exp 2/27)
vaseline buy 1 intensive care lotion 20.3oz+, get 1 intensive care lotion 10oz or smaller free ets up to $4.49 (exp 2/14)
dove $1 on any 1 dove fruit & nut or whole fruit dipped in dark chocolate 3/13/16
finishing touch $4 off yes! professional full body hair remover (exp 2/28)
goodness knows .75 on any 1 5 ct snck squares pack 3/13/16
goodness knows .25 on any 1 snack squares singles pack 1.2 oz 3/13/16
new englands coffee 1.50 on any 1 single serve box 3/31/16
purex $.50 off liquid or powershot detergent 30oz+ (exp 2/7)
purex $1 off liquid or powershot detergent 90oz+ (exp 2/7)


air wick $1/1 life scents room mist (exp 2/28)
air wick $1/1 scented oil twin refill or 2 single refills (exp 2/28)
air wick buy scented oil twin refill, get scented oil warmer gadget free up to $1.50 (exp 2/28)
ajax $.25/1 dish liquid 25oz+ or auto dish pacs (exp 2/20)
alka-seltzer $2/1 product 32ct+ (exp 2/28)
bayer pro $3/1 ultra omega-3 product excluding aspirin (exp 2/7)
betty crocker $.50/2 fruit shapes, fruit by the foot, fruit gushers, fruit roll-ups or game up sports chews or motts, sunkist or fiber one fruit flavored snacks (exp 3/26)
betty crocker $1.50/3 decorating items (exp 3/1)
black forest $1/1 organic gummy (exp 3/31)
blistex .55 on zny 2 lip care products 2/28/16
blue diamond $1/2 4oz+ almonds cans or bags (exp 4/3)
blue diamond $1/1 10oz+ almonds bag (exp 4/3)
cake mate $1.50/3 decorating items (exp 3/1)
colgate $.50/1 toothpaste 3oz+ (exp 2/14)
cooked perfect $1.50/1 meatballs (exp 3/20)
ensure $2/1 high protein, clear or light multipack (exp 3/27)
ensure $2/2 multipacks (exp 3/27)
fiber one $.50/1 cereal (exp 3/12)
freestyle $5/1 precision neo meter (exp 4/2)
general mills $.50/2 3.7oz+ chex mix, chex mix muddy buddies, chex mix popped, chex mix xtreme, bugles corn snacks or gardettos snack mix (exp 3/26)
mucinex $2/1 fast max product (exp 3/13)
mucinex $2/1 product (exp 3/13)
nature valley $.50/1 biscuits with almond butter or biscuits with peanut butter (exp 3/26)
nature valley $.75/1 protein granola (exp 3/12)
nudges $1.50/1 10oz+ dog treats bag (exp 3/1)
one a day $2/1 product (exp 2/27)
pagoda $1/1 snack product 4.8oz+ dnd (exp 3/31)
pillsbury $.40/2 crescent dinner rolls or grands! crescent dinner rolls (exp 4/23)
progresso $.50/2 products excluding pasta bowls (exp 3/26)
red baron $1/2 pizzas 7.2oz+dnd (exp 3/31)
speed stick lady $.50/1 antiperspirant/deodorant 2.3oz+ (exp 2/21)
speed stick men $.50/1 antiperspirant/deodorant 2.7oz+ (exp 2/21)
sweet baby rays $1 on 1 dipping sauce 2/29/2016
sweet baby rays $1/1 wing sauce/marinade 16oz+ (exp 2/29)
sweet baby rays $1/2 barbecue sauce 28oz+ (exp 2/29)
trubiotics $3/1 product (exp 2/27)
texas pete .55 on any 1 18 oz cha by tx pete sriracha sauce 2/28/16
texas pete $1 on any 2 wing sauces or 12 oz bottles of texas pete hot sauce 2/28/16
white castle $.50/1 6pk microwaveable hamburgers, cheeseburgers, jalapeno cheeseburgers or 4pk chicken breast sandwiches (exp 3/19)
white castle $1/1 16pk microwaveable hamburgers or cheeseburgers (exp 3/19)
ziploc $1/2 bags (exp 3/12)
ziploc $1/2 containers (exp 3/12)


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